Fiction on Lablit, article on EPFL, free book!

I have a new short story over at Lablit! It is based on true events. Specifically, true events that happened to me during my PhD. Click here to read.

There is also a new article on EPFL from yours truly. High-temperature superconductors are inching closer. Click here to read.

And lastly, get your FREE copy of LAZARUS from Smashwords! Offer ends tomorrow.

– Nik

Quirky photons spin out of the Standard Model

New article on EPFL!

Doing some hardcore analysis on data from the LHC “beauty” experiment, a group at EPFL found evidence that when a bottom quark decays into a strange quark it emits a photon that’s polarized.

Why’s that important? Because it might just be a nudge towards New Physics. And no, that doesn’t mean we’ll be leaving on the Enterprise any time soon. Although…

Read more here.


Faster wound healing from bioengineered growth factors

New article! And for once, it’s biology!

A group at EPFL has vastly improved the efficiency of growth factors in wound healing and bone formation. How’d they do that, you ask? Well, they fused growth factors with a 22-amino acid sequence that increases their affinity for proteins on the extracellular matrix. In fact, what they did is so cool that they are publishing in Science today.

Feast your eyes upon the article here.


New Science Question

I have a new Science Question out over at EPFL, once again subtly and delicately marked on a screenshot so you know where to go. Just click on the image below:

Sans titre-1

Go on, give it a shot! It’s multiple choice too, so you DON’T EVEN NEED A KEYBOARD! Can you believe that? We’re living in the future!

Spintronics: deciphering a material for future electronics

New article on EPFL!

Do you know what topological insulators are? Other than a fancy term from The Big Bang Theory (S04E14 for those who care)? Well, these materials hold the key to a future where electronics are replaced by spintronics: using the spin of electrons rather than their charge, which can open up a bunch of cool technologies. Like faster computers. So fast, in fact, that they’ll make your head spin. Get it? Spin?

… hello?

Fine. Let’s just stick to the science.

– Nik