Another 1st entry…

Well, here we go. Again.

After running The Shortest Blog In Recorded History, I welcome you to this new – and hopefully permanent – one. I won’t repeat all the stuff about how I want this to replace the irregular newsletter email, because I already did…

As some news, I think it’s worth mentioning that I’m still trying to get an agency to represent my novel “Lazarus”. The last one (from Devon, UK) actually asked to read the whole thing, and rejected it after a long, suspensful 6 weeks (“thank you for letting me read it”). (“You’re welcome”).

So, I’m applying again, starting with five agencies this week…

Other than that, it seems also that my credit card company thinks I’m a terrorist. That’s the only possible explanation I can come up with for them revoking my card away. Who cares? Hadn’t used it in months anyway. DEATH TO PLASTIC MONEY.

Well, enough blathering. Welcome again, please feel free to read, write, or just play Solitaire.

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