A blog by any other name

‘Tis true: The Other Newsletter is no more. In name at least.

After lots of “thinking”, I decided to change the blog’s name to reflect its content, which no longer provides “witty” snippets of my news and has now evolved (gasp!) into an article/essay-driven direction.
Why the weird name? Three reasons:
1. I’m a biologist.
2. A microscope traditionally looks DOWN, not UP. So the new name is “deep” (cf. Col. 3:1-2)
3. A microscope is used to see things that the naked human eyes cannot see clearly. If I have to explain it further, it’ll lose metaphorical impact.
So, bottom line: nothing’s really changed, the URL’s still the same and the posts and archives are still all there. Except now, when people ask you what’s that long text you’re reading, you can answer: “An article on The Upturned Microscope.”
You’ll sound way cooler.

3 thoughts on “A blog by any other name

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