The pre-eminence of Christ and The two perspectives of salvation

— Copied and edited from an email I sent today —

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share some resources with you, which I imagine is redundant to mention by now.

First and foremost is a sermon from Mike Davison, an elder at my church. Mike has been doing a series on Colossians on Sunday evenings, and this one looks at Colossians 1:15-18, The Pre-eminence of Christ. A much necessary reminder of who our Lord is, especially in the face of an increasingly me-and-my-felt-needs, powerless Christianity. Do take some time to listen to it, you will certainly benefit.

Next, from the other side of the Pond (that’s the Atlantic), Don Green and a sermon titled: “Divine and Human Perspectives on Salvation”.

Some context: The Bible teaches that salvation is – thankfully – a work of God. It is not based on our own decision, merit, or overall spiritual charm. Salvation begins with God’s free (i.e. not compelled) sovereign election of certain people before the beginning of time (Eph. 1:4; 2 Tim. 1:9), followed by His drawing to Christ (John 6:44), which then results in the person responding to the gospel they hear with faith (Rom. 10:17) and repentance, which, the Bible teaches is also granted by God (2 Tim. 2:25). And of course, all this is beautifully summarised in Romans 8:28-30.

I know what you’re thinking: “This guy’s an evil Calvinik“. Heh. But though some might rend their Pelagianoarminianoamyraldian robes, the question remains: If all the above is true (and we have no reason to believe it’s not, other than it offends our human pride), then what’s the point of evangelism, apologetics, biblical instruction – and above all, what do we do with all those “choose ye” and “repent and believe” and “come to Me”and especially those tortured “whosoever” passages that, in of themselves, seem to place the burden of salvation squarely on the sinner’s shoulders? After all, don’t we clap to the tune of I have decided to follow Jesus?

Well, that’s what Don Green’s sermon is about – the two aspects of salvation: The way God sees it and the way we perceive it. And before I get myself in REALLY hot water, I’ll leave it to you to listen. Comments, thoughts and death threats all welcome to the usual address.

Incidentally, unlike other times, there’s a reason why I’m sending these two sermons together and in that order. A good reason.

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