From an email I sent

…I wanted to commend to you this mp3 series, called “Assurance by faith”, by Dr Joel Beeke. Only four sermons, which you can find here.

Assurance is one of the major struggles of the Christian life. In fact, among Christians that I’ve known beyond Sunday morning, there isn’t one who hasn’t, at some point, really been battered by doubt. “Am I saved?” “How can God love me?” “If only you knew!” And so on.

In a strange way, incredulity at the grace and love that God has poured on His children in Christ can be a sign of either spiritual health or death. But if we are Christians, we’re not called to live our days this side of eternity in paralysing doubt. We’re called to rejoice in God’s salvation. We’re called to rejoice in it and in Him above all other rejoicing that might or might not come in our lives. Being assured/confident in God’s promises is the only and sole anchor that’ll keep us from despairing or outright losing our minds when our lives fall to pieces. How do we know that? Read Romans 8:38-39, think about who’s writing it, and you’ll find out.

And given how much the Bible has to say on the subject, it’s certainly something that we should deal with sooner than later.

Dr Beeke’s approach is comprehensive and he takes angles that I personally haven’t come across in such teaching. Lesson 3 is the core (“Why Christians Lack Assurance”) but he takes the time to set the foundations before he starts to build to it.

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