Omnipotent Compassion

In the middle of one of his least accessible talks, John Murray throws in this gem:

To view the heavenly sympathy of our Lord from the aspect of our existential need, how indispensable to comfort and perseverance in faith, to know that in all the temptations of this life we have a sympathiser, and helper, and comforter in the person of him from whom we must conceal nothing, who feels with us in every weakness and temptation, and knows exactly what our situation physical, psychological, moral, and spiritual is! And this he knows because he himself was tempted, like as we are, without sin. That he who has this feeling with us in temptation appears in the presence of God for us and is our advocate with the Father invests his sympathy and help with an efficacy that is nothing less than omnipotent compassion.

— John Murray, The Heavenly, Priestly Activity of Christ. The Campbell Morgan Bible Lecture, delivered June 18, 1958 at Westminster Chapel, London.

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