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Chemistry World comic, October 2016

Chemistry World interviewed me for their new article, The Art of Science, and asked me to draw a comic about my experiences as a science cartoonist. Their editor is brilliant and wisely didn’t let me go with my first instinct, which was not as, uh, “happy” as this.


In other news, the blog is now featured on News-Bump.

Chemistry World comic, August 2016


The Olympics were going on. Chemistry World asked me for a comic. It’s pretty self-explanatory, really.

EPFL comic, October 2016


This issue of EPFL Magazine focuses on our upcoming huuuge scicomm event, Portes Ouvertes. It’s disturbing how fast I came up with this comic.

EPFL comic, September 2016


This is my first comic for the all-new EPFL Magazine. The topic was “the value of academic degrees”. I’ll let you work out the rest.