The Data Knight Rises

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The Data Knight

Here’s a little bonus comic for the weekend. If you don’t get it, it’s either because you’ve never seen one of the best films in the history of best films, or because you’ve never pursued an academic career. The first is sad; the second – not so much.

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Check out another academic film poster. And then another! And then that’s it. But I’ll make more. Promise.

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Quote: Two kinds of intellect

There are then two kinds of intellect: the one able to penetrate acutely and deeply into the conclusions of given premises, and this is the precise intellect; the other able to comprehend a great number of premises without confusing them, and this is the mathematical intellect. The one has force and exactness, the other comprehension. Now the one quality can exist without the other; the intellect can be strong and narrow, and can also be comprehensive and weak.

Blaise Pascal, Pensées