Summer music: Taryn Leia Prescott’s “Young and free”

A couple of months ago I posted a review of Taryn Leia Prescott’s album Songs of the Bride. Well,Young And Free EP Cover Art the talented musician/singer/songwriter has done it again in her new album Young and Freefive songs described as “an unabashedly enjoyable tribute to young love”.

Given the different theme, the music and lyrics are also different in style to Bride, with some humour, a more upbeat flavour and a strange sweetness that’ll make you drop what you’re doing and listen. Along with young love, Taryn also explores some interesting instrumental arrangements and even goes demi-bluesy on track 2, Thought Train. The last track, Meant to be, oozes with childhood sweetness and a heart-aching violin solo.

A small, deep and beautiful sound for the summer.

You can listen to the whole album here.