The cookie blues

OK, another pointless blog entry… Some times you just come across a good joke, so funny that you feel that nerdy need to share it with everyone else.

This time it was an episode from the obscure, surreal and random cartoon “Family Guy”. It’s Cookie Monster, that childhood friend from Muppet Show, and he’s in cookie rehab. But that’s not what got me – no. It was when two orderlies hold him down to sedate him while he screams: “You guys are Nazis, man!”

Kudos to everyone involved.

If you don’t believe me, you can watch it here.

2 thoughts on “The cookie blues

  1. Not in any way connected but, tell me more about your novel – decribe it if you would. I’m going to be writing one in two years time with the intention of publishing and I’m aware that it’s very difficult, even if the book happens to be brilliant.


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