What I’ve learned from social networking

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
  1. Privacy is a fluid concept.
  2. Writing about your latest toilet experience will generate more interest than writing pretty much anything else. Except maybe someone else’s toilet experience.
  3. Spam lives on – now in even more languages!
  4. The same people that always fell for “Forward this email to everyone you know!” scams are the same people falling for the “share this with everyone you know!” scams. And Farmville.
  5. Extroverts love social networking because it feeds their life force.
  6. Introverts like social networking because it protects their life force.
  7. Have you heard of “letters”? I think it’s what they’d send with carrier pigeons.
  8. If you “Like” someone’s comment on FaceBook, you will receive notifications on every comment thereafter until the day you die. This is cause for war.
  9. Social networking has given us a tool to achieve things we wouldn’t have thought possible ten years ago. Like…
  10. …um…
  11. …sharing photos! Oh… wait….
  12. …poking! Uh…
  13. …well, there was a reason why we hadn’t thought them possible ten years ago.
  14. Just because something crosses a neural synapse in your brain every 0.5 nanoseconds, it doesn’t mean you have to tweet it.
  15. How many times did you check your FaceBook account since you started reading this list?
  16. Social networking is changing the world faster than ADD on Twitter. But it’s not too late yet.

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