Anxiety can kill your social status

zGfvwBiiRAuCh7WhQLz6N2oeg0X5GNHzv-AbT0x3rnI,p1HjaR-GLpK-0c5t1dy2FJlJFTkqMwpDwraoHFxURbo,Xa0nrodzGylyxbZlF7LYAeUGjBSKKk6VJO6zCOnYYKA,EUmwVaiM0C1TjNwTQZIe43772T1JG5OrWNux9R76eqI,VaMlRb1B4k3weyg2oFqLOWgBqkahljqmhyJm1hK3f3oNeuroscientists at EPFL identify a brain region that links anxious temperament to low social status. The researchers were able to tweak social hierarchy in animals by using vitamin B3 — Read more

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