A new model for gene regulation


Using a novel, integrative approach, EPFL scientists have developed a new model of heterodimer-DNA binding with high predictive power. Read more

How the brain produces consciousness in “time slices”


12.04.16 – EPFL scientists propose a new way of understanding how the brain processes unconscious information into our consciousness. According to the model, consciousness arises only in time intervals of up to 400 milliseconds, with gaps of unconsciousness in between. Read more

An implant to prevent Alzheimer’s

In a cutting-edge treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, EPFL scientists have developed an implantable capsule that can turn the patient’s immune system against the disease — Read more 

Perovskite solar cells hit 21.1% efficiency and record reproduciblity

SEMlayersEPFL scientists achieve the highest yet reproducibility for perovskite solar cells combined with a boundary-pushing 21.1% efficiency at normal operating conditions — Read more

Solving hysteresis in perovskite solar cells

Fig1EPFL scientists have discovered what lies at the heart of one of the biggest obstacles in accurately determining the efficiency of perovskite solar cells —Read more