EPFL comic, March 2019

The EPFL Magazine is out! Celebrating EPFL’s 50th anniversary, each issue covers one aspect of the science that takes place here. This month it’s CRISPR (and the notorious babies).

Cholera’s weapon has more than one trigger


EPFL scientists show how the environment of the cholera bacterium helps it compete for survival. Read more

A single-atom magnet breaks new ground for future data storage


Scientists at EPFL and ETH Zurich have built a single-atom magnet that is the most stable to-date. The breakthrough paves the way for the scalable production of miniature magnetic storage devices. Read more

Light can be almost stopped at room temperature

IMG_0262_DxOA PhD student at EPFL has found a way to slow down light at room temperature. Read more

Digging into topological protection

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 14.20.20.png

Scientists at EPFL have uncovered the dynamics of topological protection, a critical property for the future of quantum computers and spintronics. Read more.