Negative data

34 thoughts on “Negative data

  1. Really nice illustration of a crucial problem. I included your figure on my blog Trockeneisbombe ( Also shows what a newbie I still am; no idea how to include a link a comment 😉


  2. Glad we got to include this in our tweets this week! And remember, F1000Research is waiving the article processing fee on negative results articles until the end of August, so if you have any lying around, do submit!


  3. Really makes me wish they’d pass a law *requiring* the results of all academic grants to be published, whatever their result, because a result you didn’t want or an outcome that didn’t work can *still* be of great help and relevance to the world!


  4. . Brilliant! 🙂

    Not only does publishing negative data save tons of time and effort for researchers, but publishing negative clinical data can save tons of time and money for healthcare consumers too. Thanks!


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