The spirit of Christmas – FOR ONLY £5.99!!!

WHOA! Yesterday I dodged work for a couple of hours and went to do some Christmas shopping, just to contradict my last post.

What a massacre! Fact is, I tend to do most of my shopping online, so I’ve grown unaccustomed to actually going to real shops in the traditional way. Imagine then the shell-shock I underwent yesterday as I fought my way through hordes of mad shoppers, screaming children, Santa Clauses and bewildered staff.

And it wasn’t only that: THE SELECTIONS!!! THE CHOICE!!! Exactly how many different versions of the same book are necessary? How many chemicals must women put on to be “gorgeous”? How many videogames can a teenager play during his teens?

Everywhere I turned I was assaulted by book, album and film posters, each one of them demanding attention, each one of them screaming for my money – “BYE ME”, they yelled; “BYE ME! MAKE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! ME!” Needless to say that after that traumatising experience, my New Year resolution will be to do some therapy.

Eventually, I bought only one item. The ambulance took me away after that.

No punchline philosophy today, except to point out that when you lose the meaning in something, you need a lot of substitutes to fill the gap.

Oh. That was a punchline.

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