Fiction on Lablit, article on EPFL, free book!

I have a new short story over at Lablit! It is based on true events. Specifically, true events that happened to me during my PhD. Click here to read.

There is also a new article on EPFL from yours truly. High-temperature superconductors are inching closer. Click here to read.

And lastly, get your FREE copy of LAZARUS from Smashwords! Offer ends tomorrow.

— Nik


Lazarus_Final_LoResMy sci-fi novel LAZARUS is now free on Smashwords as part of their “Read an Ebook Week” promotion!

Offer ends March 8!

— Nik


Wishes 2013

Well, it’s that time of the year again. First I want to apologise for the sparsity of comics these past few weeks. I have actually been ill for a while (I still am as I write this), and lately with more than one disease.

As I’m heading to London for the holidays, I want to thank you all for another great year and wish you a lovely, blessed Christmas. I look forward to drawing in the New Year!

— Nik

PS. Do you remember the burglary back in October? Apparently the police in nearby Geneva have arrested two men for a series of break-ins and property damages, and apparently they’ve charged them with the burglary in our house as well. I mention this because a LOT of you were concerned at the time, and I kinda left you with the impression that the police weren’t doing anything.

Using heat to make magnets

New article!

Scientists at EPFL provide the first ever experimental evidence that a magnetic field can be generated by a temperature gradient. Why is that important? Because it might change the way we do electronics. And can also give a purpose to all those overheating laptops.

Read more here.

Burglary update: They’re not catching anyone. I’ve made my peace with my stolen laptop. I’m now shopping for a new one. It’s OK. Don’t have to eat food every day.

Many thanks for the moral support, everyone! Your comments here and on Facebook/Twitter prove that the Internet can be used for good. You guys rock.

I promise to get back to drawing ASAP.

— Nik

A sketch for “Plagiarism”

EPFL’s magazine, “Flash”, recently did a piece on plagiarism among students. The editorial team asked me to draw something to go with the text. This is what I made: