The Ducks of Bradford

Still with nothing organised to write, I present you with the Wonderfowl Ducks of Bradford! Seriously.

2 thoughts on “The Ducks of Bradford

  1. I present you with my appreciation of said ducks.Where was the photo taken?I loved watching the ducks in Peel Park – there’s something inherently funny about them. They also sound like they’re laughing when they quack.Or maybe that’s just in my head.


  2. Hi Kieran!The picture was taken in December, when I went to do a photo-shoot at Horton Park, Bradford. The lake was actually frozen except for that small part with the ducks.By the way, thanks for your compliment about my blog – it’s great when you get some feedback from readers, so I really appreciate it.PS. It’s not in your head – the ducks ARE laughing… not many of us know about it though…


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