Okay, I know I haven’t been updating in here much lately, but that’s simply because I have this disease called “PhDfinishitis” that calls for my constant and continuous attention.

Yes, it’s true: Either by desperation or, simply, frustration, it’s about time to start packing it in. I mean, I’ve got to get this thing done and move on. It’s not even funny anymore. And anyone who’s ever done a PhD will tell you: When it’s not funny anymore, write your thesis. Okay, maybe only I say that. But it’s true.

What other cards are decked my way? After almost 18 months, I’m heading home for the Christmas break – and boy, do I need one. Last holiday I had was December 2004 (the 10 days in June 2005 don’t count – if you were Greek, a brother, and your only sister was getting married, you’d understand).

And that’s pretty much it. I understand that people are most likely to read short blog entries, as anything Internet that’s longer than twenty lines burns the retinas of about 70% of all casual readers clean off. And if you made sense out of that, leave me a comment.

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