Back from Athens

Greece was great. That’s how I’d summarise our two-week holiday that finished last Friday. Me and my lovely lady really roamed the land; we went everywhere our legs, buses, trams, taxis and subways could take us, we ate as much as we could of my mother’s divine cuisine, slept like logs and generally left bleak black Bradford behind us for a while. It was good, and I think we both needed it – it’s when you don’t think that you need a rest that you REALLY need it.

It was vastly therapeutic – I’m glad she convinced me to take the time off. I came back rested, relaxed and considerably less stressed than when I left. Not to mention a few pounds heavier and slightly tanned, but a long-overdue diet will take care of the former and Ol’ Blighty will handle the latter. So’ed.

One of the best things of course was meeting up with friends, old and new. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed some people, and I will publicly admit that I went pretty soft more than once. Especially in one case, I felt a friendship rekindled, for which I am very thankful.

Anyway, I know what you logged on to see. Photos. Well, here is a very small selection of the 500+ shots that we took.

First to dazzle you with some classic Athenean scenery: The Acropolis, as seen from the Ancient Agora (the Forum, so to speak)

... followed by a view of northwest Athens, as seen from Lykabettus...

... speaking of which...

... and we finish off with a serene shot of the eastern coast.

The Theater of Herod Atticus. Also known as The Place Where Yanni Did That Concert

The Karyatids. These are copies of the six original statues, five of which are in the Acropolis museum and one is, um, in the British Museum. Must've gotten lost in the post, like those marbles... Did anyone say "theft"? As in "blatant, flagrant THEFT"?

Alexander the Super-Awesome. And I don’t wanna hear nothing from dem Persians…

Artistic shot. I like glares. I can shoot glares. I see, I shoot.

Happy New Year!

One thought on “Back from Athens

  1. Your description of what you are like after the nice little break iin Greece is so precise…stress free and….no you are not fat…hahahahahahahahahaha


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