The Thesis redemption

It’s done.

But more importantly, it’s gone.

Today, after three months of toil, I sent off my 217-page thesis to my two examiners, one internal with the University and one external, in Germany. It’s out of my hands now, and all I have to do is prepare for my viva in late October. It is, as they say, the point of no return.

It’s good to be free.

I could write a novel on my thesis adventures alone, but I’m afraid it would be too intense. So instead, I give you dates:

  • Began writing thesis full-time: July 3
  • First deadline for submission: August 15
  • Realised that first deadline is a joke: August 14
  • Second deadline for submission: September 12
  • Armageddonic realisation that statistics are wrong: September 10
  • Really worried about statistics: September 14
  • Realised that second deadline is just not going to happen: September 15
  • Third deadline for submission: September 20
  • Realised that third deadline falls on a Sunday: September 18
  • Fourth deadline for submission: September 23
  • Gave up on hope of ever graduating: September 18
  • Adopted tearful “I don’t care any more” attitude: September 19
  • Fifth deadline for submission: September 28
  • Print Shop rage: September 26
  • Registry Office comes to the rescue: September 27
  • Submission of thesis under “Hallelujah” chorus: September 28


  • Thesis reaches Germany and gets lost in post: September 29
  • Notified of situation: October 11
  • Thesis finally emailed to examiner as PDF: October 12
  • Second (and last) hard copy of thesis sent to external examiner’s home: October 15

Ain’t no business like a PhD business.

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