Swiss banking services

For being the country that practically invented banking, Switzerland is pretty bad at its banking services.

  • If you want online banking, “it couldn’t be easier! Simply print out and sign the necessary documents, send them to us and you’re ready to go!” ‘Easier’ must mean something else here.
  • You have to pay a monthly fee for an obligatory debit card.
  • You have to pay if you want a credit card.
  • You can’t use your debit card for online purchases, but have to pay for a special online-shopping card.
  • Even if you have online banking, you still have to physically go to the bank to set up direct debits.
  • Terms and conditions in English are not legally binding to the bank because they are translations of the French, and ONLY the French T&C (which you don’t understand if you need the English) are legally binding.

Actually, coming to think of it, that’s brilliant banking. At least they’re open about it. Some day, perhaps, the other banks will learn such honesty. We can only hope.

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