Solving electron transfer

I have a new article out! Scientists at EPFL have worked out how solvents affect the transfer of electrons during chemical reactions. Hence “Solving electron transfer”. See what I did there with the title? That’s pure wordsmithing right there.

Read it here.

— Nik

4 thoughts on “Solving electron transfer

  1. I DO love the word play. Very clever.

    So does knowing the active properties of the solvents open new fields of energy production? Can we manipulate electrons with solvents in such a way as to make energy more efficient, or less harmful?


    • Good question… I would imagine that theoretically that would be possible, especially now that we can know exactly how solvents affect reactions. Then again, the most “uninterfering” solvent would be an inert gas, which would probably not solve much of anything anyway.

      I leave it to the experts!


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