Understanding the function of a new solar cell

New article on EPFL!

This week we’re all about harvesting that sweet sweet sunlight so we don’t have to scrap over greasy oil pits in the future.

A research group at EPFL figured out the inner workings of a new type of solar cell, which means that we’re a step closer to charging iPhones for free, peeps! YOU DIG? We’re talking energy here!

Check out my righteous coverage here.

— Nik

PS. Today’s linguistic choice was inspired by Thug Notes.

3 thoughts on “Understanding the function of a new solar cell

  1. Confirm or disprove for me sci-guy: about 13 years ago I was living in Phoenix, and I swear I read an article in something like Popular Mechanics (or the like) about how the whizzes at MIT (or the like) invented solar car paint; so soon enough cars would be able to self charge via their body panels. Can’t find it now >:/


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