Scientiam vitae propagare. And photos thereof.

Well, I’m back from the EHRS conference in London (Imperial College), I gave my talk, and now I can go back to fighting the clock in the lab. I wasn’t particularly happy with my presentation; a bit rushed, it felt, and it didn’t roll as smoothly as I’d like it to. But at least I got to wear a tie.

It was actually a good conference, a lot more relaxed (yes, scientists can do that, but they have to attend a course first) than last year at Zurich, where we seemed to be crammed up like sardines at every venue. This year, the traditional conference gala was onboard the Dutch Master, which took us up and down the Thames and I got some sweet pictures to share with you.

There seemed to be a good chunk of interest in follicular stem cells (quite fashionable in modern Biology), and I also had an exciting conversation with a research group from Durham University that “accidentally” turned stem cells into mycoradial pacemaker cells, which actually developped a heartbeat! And given my own fascination with brain tissue regeneration and development, I think I spent more time talking to these guys than anyone else. And before you all freak out and accuse me for supporting abortions and all that little issue, we’re talking about stem cells from fully grown, mature hair follicles – aka “dermal papilla cells”.

Well, enough with the Science stuff. It’s picture time!

Good to see the Greeks honoured. At least the ancient ones.
Natural sunlight: The researcher’s lethal enemy.

The HMS Belfast, in sunset glory. We’re on the Thames now.

Mr Ben. Known among friends as “Big”.

You can’t travel around London at night and not indulge in shots like this. Slow shutter speed all the way.

London Bridge at night. Looks very, very nice.

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