Hello ye all.

I think that this is by far the longest no-entry time since I started this blog. My days are so full and busy now that I can’t tell morning from evening anymore; I’ve mentioned a few times that my PhD is trying to kill me, so you can understand.

The problem is that, right now, I can’t tell exactly when I’m going to finish with this project, so currently I’m working as much and as fast as I can to get out of the lab as soon as possible. But in the same time, I’m also very thankful to the Lord for putting a real angel in my life two months ago, without whom I would be utterly unable to cope with all this chaos.

Other exciting news – we’re finishing our study on the Letter to the Ephesians this Saturday, and I get to teach on the last, wonderful chapter 6. I like it particularly because it is here where the apostle Paul, chained to a Roman soldier in prison, instead of bemoaning his troubles (prisons weren’t as luxurious as they are today), he uses them to teach some of God’s greatest truths: he looks at the Roman soldier (probably the most evangelised soldier in the Roman Empire), and parallels his armour to create a powerful metaphor of the Christian’s spiritual armour. The result is life-changing; a natural effect of God’s Word.

And that wraps it up. I promise to have fewer baby photos next time – oh, I’m also VERY slowly writing another short story, which I might post here, so, you know, watch this space…

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