Burning issues

Hello from sunny, burning Greece.

Yes, I’ve been here since August 26 and I’m going back to Bradford on September 5th. In the meantime, I’m soaking up some necessary sunlight that I’ve been deprived of for the past, well, four years. This, of course, is a direct result of living in a lab. In England. In Northern England.

Right now I’m in a cheap public Internet place with my sister, surrounded by Greek geeks playing World Of Warcraft instead of enjoying the summer outside. I suppose if you’ve got it all the time…

As for my Thesis, after a week of generally sleepless nights full of coffee and Red Bull, I managed to send my supervisors the “finished”, mangled version around 4:30 am last Saturday, a couple of hours before I had to leave for Manchester airport… suffice to say that by the time I got to Athens, I hadn’t slept in 39 hours. Hooray for the modern life.

And now I’m waiting on my supervisors’ final corrections while doing some of my own. It’s a never-ending document! I keep adding Tables of Contents/Figures/Tables, Lists of abbreviations (alphabetically ordered), formatted Headings and correcting a seemingly infinite number of typos… I tell you, writing novels is far more fun.

Anyway, we should be ready to print it and send it to my external examiner in Germany sometime next week. And then it’s the long wait until my final examination (“viva”), which, if all goes well and they don’t ask me to repeat and re-write my entire PhD, should give me that glamorous “Dr” before my name. Okay – maybe not that glamorous.

Meanwhile, I’m spending some time with my family (including my little super-cute nephew) and looking/applying for jobs. Mojgan is in Tehran visiting her own family and I can’t wait to see her again next week.

It’s good to be finishing, though the hardest hurdle lays ahead. But it’s always like that. Like they say: “If the mountain was smooth, then you couldn’t climb it”.

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