Dead Lines

Hi everyone!

Yes, ’tis I, the toiling PhD man. And toiling I am indeed, since I seem to be stuck in a never-ending Thesis-whirlpool. Let me explain.

Originally, I was supposed to actually send the finished Thesis for reviewing by an examiner (in Germany) on August 15, with a view to have my PhD viva (“defence”) sometime this week. Well, on August 14 it became clear that that little pie-in-the-sky dream was not going to come true, and so we decided that it would be best to just submit the full final draft for revision by my supervisors by August 25, when I was going to leave for Athens. And so I did, only to return and find out that my PhD viva is now scheduled for October 23, and I have 10 short days to add my final corrections to my Thesis, print it, bind it and post it to Germany.

The good news is that I get enough time to prepare for my examination – almost five weeks! And the little meanwhile, I’m trying to get a job and re-start my life that seems like it’s been on hold for four years now. But I know that all this is part of my God’s plan, and I’m excited when I think that He has my days in His hands.

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