Using heat to make magnets

New article!

Scientists at EPFL provide the first ever experimental evidence that a magnetic field can be generated by a temperature gradient. Why is that important? Because it might change the way we do electronics. And can also give a purpose to all those overheating laptops.

Read more here.

Burglary update: They’re not catching anyone. I’ve made my peace with my stolen laptop. I’m now shopping for a new one. It’s OK. Don’t have to eat food every day.

Many thanks for the moral support, everyone! Your comments here and on Facebook/Twitter prove that the Internet can be used for good. You guys rock.

I promise to get back to drawing ASAP.

— Nik

One thought on “Using heat to make magnets

  1. Sorry for your loss, love your cartoons. Can you set up a donation thingy so readers can make small donations and hopefully get you a new laptop?


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