Fiction on Lablit, article on EPFL, free book!

I have a new short story over at Lablit! It is based on true events. Specifically, true events that happened to me during my PhD. Click here to read.

There is also a new article on EPFL from yours truly. High-temperature superconductors are inching closer. Click here to read.

And lastly, get your FREE copy of LAZARUS from Smashwords! Offer ends tomorrow.

— Nik

One thought on “Fiction on Lablit, article on EPFL, free book!

  1. Your short story on Lablit was, how do I say? A walk down memory lane. Brilliantly told! I interned at a lab where I was yelled at and, well, I did quit. Your account was brilliant, and it’s comforting to know that somehow we are not alone in those situations.


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